Exterior Door Installation

The home owners existing door frames where rotted on both sides at bottom, so they called Eddie’s Home Improvements for our restoration services. These particular doors where metal, which a lot are, as a result of the humid weather in NC they eventually showed rust through the paint. The new doors have no wood or metal, but are made of a composite. These composite frames and fiberglass/vinyl doors have a PVC exterior molding. A lot of times when jambs are rotted it goes un-noticed for a long period of time. During this time not only will the jambs experience rot, but so will the framing and floor around these older units. Eddies Home Restoration team measured and ordered new units ( We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes with GREAT cost-savings for affordability) which not only served as a solution to the rot and mold, but also provided for a beautiful new addition to the home.

Our Process

We removed the old unit carefully without damaging the interior and exterior walls. Once this was complete we installed the new units, which includes the install of interior trim and exterior trim and door locks. At the customers request we prepped, primed, and painted the new unit.

Such home restoration services involving new doors or repair is common for Eddie’s Home Improvements, so you can feel confident that you will receive outstanding work from our craftsman.

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Project Type Exterior Door Installation
Client Location North Carolina


  • Replace rotted areas with new treated paintable wood.
  • Paint frame to compliment the home.
  • Replace windowdoor with a composite frame and fiberglass/vinyle with an PVC exterior molding.
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    Wilmington, North Carolina

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